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New Bolt EV Models for Sale near Round Lake

A revolution in mobility is well underway, and the new Bolt EV is riding that revolutionary wave and leading the charge. For getting around the Round Lake and Waukegan areas, there is no better way than with electric motivation. The Bolt EV models for sale here at City Chevrolet Of Grayslake can be charged in your garage for far cheaper than a normal car can be filled at the pump, all while being faster and more efficient. The new electric vehicles offer next-generation levels of convenience, power, and efficiency, driving long-term costs into the ground with far less maintenance requirements. To learn more about the advantages of electric vehicles in general, and the Bolt EV line in particular, keep reading. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Advantages of New Electric Vehicles

While it’s easy to say that electric vehicles are the future, there are three primary reasons that their popularity is currently exploding, and these reasons go much deeper than the hype:

  • Convenience: Gasoline and diesel generally aren’t refined in your garage, but electricity certainly can be. Electric vehicles can slow charge at any electrical outlet, just like your cellphone or laptop. With garage 240 volt fast charger though, they can quickly charge in just over the time it takes you to eat a meal. This all means you can wake up to a freshly charged car every day, and never need to visit a gas station or charging station in daily driving.
  • Efficiency: Electric motors rely on magnetic flux to work, with a single moving part. Meanwhile, normal cars use internal explosions to power themselves forward. Most of the power of an explosion is lost in heat, while magnetic flux is easily over 90% efficient. This means electric vehicles use many times less energy than normal cars.
  • Power: A side benefit of that impressive efficiency is that electric motors are much better at providing predicable, instant power than engines that rely on various mechanical parts to work in concert.

Experience a New Bolt EV at City Chevrolet Of Grayslake Today!

With our car buying tips and online financing application, you can start the process of getting your life electrified today! Visit our showroom near Gurnee.

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