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2024 Chevrolet Trax

The Chevy Trax, designed as an agile subcompact crossover for urban driving, excels in navigating tight city spaces, making it a preferred choice for Round Lake and Waukegan drivers. At City Chevrolet Of Grayslake, we stand as your dependable partners, offering insights and services to ensure your Trax operates at its peak performance. Keeping your Chevy Trax in great shape is a breeze following these simple maintenance steps. Enjoy the journey, mile after mile.



Chevy Trax Maintenance Schedule

What does the Chevy Trax maintenance schedule involve? Check it out:

7,500-Mile Service:

At the 7,500 mark, it’s time for your first oil change along with a tire rotation. This is a vital part of keeping any vehicle in tip-top shape, so make sure you stay on top of your oil change schedule. Keeping up with Chevrolet Trax oil change intervals is key, so checking your oil every month is smart. If it’s thick and black or below the full line, changing it’s a good idea, even before you hit 7,500 miles again.

22,500-Mile Service:

When you hit 22,500 miles, treat your Chevy Trax to a new passenger compartment air filter. It’ll keep the air inside your cabin smelling and feeling clean, preventing unwanted odors and dust buildup. You might want to change this filter sooner if you’re in a dusty area.

45,000-Mile Service:

At this point, replacing your engine air cleaner and the previous checkups is wise. A clean engine means healthier performance in the long run. Avoid potential engine troubles by keeping your engine clean and happy.

60,000-Mile Service:

When your Chevy Trax hits 60,000 miles, take care of the spark plugs and give the spark plug wires a once-over. Staying current with this upkeep ensures your vehicle always starts without a hitch.

97,000-Mile Service:

If you’re rolling with all-wheel drive, pay attention when you reach this point. Change your transfer case fluid to keep your drive train in top-notch condition.

150,000-Mile Service:

At the impressive 150,000-mile mark, your Chevy Trax deserves some special treatment. First, inspect your accessory drive belts and replace them as needed. Then, give your engine cooling system a refresh for smooth powertrain operation.

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